Senpai Appreciation Post: Ryoji Nomura - Nippon Ichi Artist

Taking a bit of a break from Capcom artists for the next few S.A. posts.

Ever since I first played La Pucelle and fell in love with Prier and the art… I’m heavily influenced by Ryoji, and I would probably say he’s one of the major two artists where the “roundness and curviness” that people call out in my style comes from. He basically taught me that it’s okay to draw gals with some meat on them. His knowledge of stylized weight distribution in posture and forms is something I aspire to achieve in my own work. (Almost somewhat like an anime-influenced Chris Sanders, if that makes any sense.)

He also has a really appealing character design aesthetic, usually leaning towards a mix of “cute sexy badass”, especially on his female designs. I also love how organic his work appears as well; you can see his footprint in his strokes and color style. He tends to extremely exaggerate proportions in some of his more recent work, but all in all, still one of my personal favorites.